Trigger Point Injections

A trigger point injection is a muscle injection which is meant to reduce pain and to improve mobility. The active ingredient is a very small dosage of a cortisone agent diluted with a local anesthetic such as lidocaine and/or Marcaine. When it is determined that a component of the patient’s symptoms arises from tight/irritated muscle tissue, a properly placed trigger point injection can alleviate pain and improve mobility at that region of the body. Often times, trigger point injections are used in conjunction with physical therapy to speed recovery. An x-ray machine is not typically required for a trigger point injection. Every step is made to minimize discomfort during a trigger point injection.

Following a trigger point injection, it is not unusual to have soreness at the site of the injection. Applying a cold compress to the site is often beneficial to minimize discomfort. There is no need to avoid any type of blood thinning medication or anti-inflammatory medication when having a trigger point injection performed (there are rare exceptions to this). It is important to continue prolonged stretches at least once or twice daily to the injected area in order to maximize the benefit of the trigger point injection(s). It is not necessary to have a driver present when you have this type of procedure performed. We recommend you call the doctor back five to seven days after the trigger point injection is performed in order to determine your response and to make further plans regarding your treatment.